How To Slay a Winter’s Day

Winter is the season that brings about the most mixed emotions: you’re forced to pack away all of your snazzy, gorgeous summer dresses and replace them with large, uncomfortable jackets and boots; yet, it also seems to be the time when your skin becomes a little clearer, and, if you are calculated enough, is the best opportunity for you to get that summer body going at the gym! Not to mention all of the probabilities of a snow day or two (hurrah for cancelled classes).

Nevertheless, winter does not have to be the reason you throw away all hopes of looking fashionable (I’ve heard countless times that the rule is to sacrifice fashion for survival, especially when you live in Canada). On this blog I will show you how you can keep warm in some very affordable pieces, and look stylish doing it!

I kept it simple by pairing some classic white jeans, a white turtleneck sweater, and brown knee-high boots with two looks underneath a beige coat. The first look is created with a sleeveless olive green trench coat, and the second with a peach waterfall duster. Alternatively, you could easily match these looks with some black jeans and a black shirt. My makeup was a blend of pinks and purples which are reminiscent of a winter sunset. Comment below which one is your favourite look! Kattrina paired some black leggings with a striped jersey and a denim, fur-lined jacket, with a pair of brown low-cut ankle boots. Her makeup had deep orange tones, and was more summer-sunset themed.

Coat: Eclipse
Sleeveless trench: Primark UK
Waterfall duster: Forever 21
Striped jersey: Aeropostale
Hat: Claire’s
DSC_1863 (1)

I hope you enjoyed this post! What are some of your favourite winter looks and accessories?


(Photos courtesy of Paul Hurford)

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