Length Check – 7 Months Post-chop

Hello there!

It’s crazy to think that it’s already been a whole seven months since my big chop, wowza! Time really does fly by quickly. Since cutting my hair, I have been treating it consistently with a regimen which my hair seems to love. Pre-poos, co-washes, deep conditions and protective styling have constituted the bulk of my regimen, and I recently introduced hair masks into my wash-day routine.

The Aztec Bentonite Healing clay is one of such hair masks which I recently tried, and honey, those curls? The mask almost instantly defined my curls and I was super impressed with how tightly they held!  I am still trying to establish exactly what my hair type is, because, although I am convinced that it is 4C, many of the people who have styled my hair believe it to be 4B because of the somewhat loose curl pattern I have.


Bentonite clay mask at work

To walk you through my wash-day routine on the day I did my length check: I started out on damp, detangled hair and applied the hair mask onto my scalp and onto the length of my hair. Because of it’s clarifying and detoxing qualities, I did not use a shampoo for this wash. I kept the mask in my hair for 30 minutes under a plastic bag (it’s too messy for a shower cap lol) and followed with a deep condition.

Some of my favourite products to use in my Deep conditioning routine

After deep conditioning for about 5 hours (yes, 5 hours; I go about my day and attend my classes with a head wrap over my hair as it does its thing), I rinsed out the deep conditioner and proceeded to use the LOC method – Leave-in, Oil, Conditioner – to moisturise my hair. Because I needed the hair to be fully stretched before I could guage its length, I decided to use an African threading method commonly known in Zimbabwe as mabhanzi. This is an easy, heatless method of stretching the hair and I was excited to do it for the simple fact that I have not had this style on my hair since I was a toddler!

Mabhanzi – keeping it real est.1996

This method definitely benefitted my regimen, as my hair has been heat-free for two years now and I didn’t have to change that this time around. After using the African threading technique, however, I have concluded that a flat-twist works better as a stretching method for my hair, simply because of all the knots I encountered after undoing the threading. A flat twist basically does the exact same job but leaves my hair with fewer knots, and feeling softer. Nevertheless, I had lots of fun undoing the thread work and seeing the results! Below I will attach some before and after pictures of my hair over the timeline from when I first chopped it, to the progress it has made now 🙂

Then (July 2017)
Now (March 2018)
Measured 16 cm against the ruler!

Happy Hair = Happy Life! What regimen makes your hair happy?


(Photos courtesy of Kattrina Kolthoff)

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