Introducing: Home Hunt

Welcome back readers 🙂 I have an exciting announcement to make! Starting this month, I will be featuring Black-owned businesses on my blog in efforts not only to promote buying Black, but also to showcase some of the multi-faceted and talented youth in our Black communities worldwide. I also want this to be a platform for Black women in business to unpack the beauty as well as the reality of the challenges they have faced when running their business. Our first feature of the month is Roberta Matshalaga with her business called “Home Hunt”. May this new segment encourage and inspire you in your own endeavors.

Hi! I’m Roberta, a Zimbabwean Millennial living and working in London. When I’m not aggressively complaining about the struggles of adulting and cursing whoever came up with the idea of rent, I’m actively looking for ways to exit the so called ‘rat race’ and become my own boss. I’m a stickler for getting things right so when I decided to start my own online store, I knew I had to make sure I wasn’t everything I’d ever complained about on a call to customer service. Put simply, Customer is King, and thus Home Hunt was born.

Home Hunt is a home and garden website that sells products to decorate and organise your home and garden.  We sell a growing range of products and offer free shipping to some of the biggest global markets. As you can imagine, customer service is one of our biggest priorities, fast response times and personalised shopping experience is what we always strive to provide.

So, what made me start an online store? Well, it all started during my 2am YouTube video marathons. I had developed somewhat of an addiction for what’s called Shopify Challenges. Youtuber’s would challenge themselves to launch profitable online stores in a month, a week and sometimes even a day. It was exciting to watch and was aligned perfectly with my desire for instant gratification. But then I realised there was really no one like me – a Black woman – getting involved in these challenges. I thought there was a need for more representation.

Although my desire to start the online store stemmed from an interest in Shopify Challenges online, it’s become about so much more. My desire is to expand Home Hunt and allow it to become a platform that showcases products and artwork from other Zimbabweans. I’ve seen so much beautiful handmade homeware made in my home country Zimbabwe and I would love for it to be available to people across the globe. Sounds simple, but the logistics are harder than I imagined. It’s all part of the journey, just watch the space. Home Hunt is destined to continue to grow.

Milk carton water bottle in “Health and Wellbeing”

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Twitter: @Homehunt5

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