My Top 4 Head Wrap Styles

Happy Friday beauties!

Last week I wrote a Travel Tag featuring the lovely Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, and you can check that out here.  This week’s topic is headwraps. If you know me even distantly, you know that I love a good headwrap. They are an essential in my closet, and always come in handy on all kinds of occasions.

Let’s start by tapping into the history of headwraps. The headwrap was birthed from slavery before it was reclaimed by black women as an expression of identity and fashion. Slave mistresses started to fear that the beauty of black women, and particularly the mixed race, ambiguous looking “mulattoes”, was becoming increasingly appealing to men of European descent, so they advocated that all slaves be forced to wear headwraps, to reinforce the distinction between mistress and slave, and to discourage white males from falling for women who were ‘beneath’ them.

However, black women started to see the protective function behind headwraps over time, as they noticed that it protected their hair from dust, sweat, and the weather, as they worked. Since then, many years later, the headwrap has evolved into a fashionable part of women’s wardrobes everywhere, and artists like Alicia Keys have been casting more positive shine on headwraps by wearing them beautifully in different ways!


I personally wear my headwraps on two main occassions: when I’m deep conditioning but still have things to do outside the comfort of my home, and when I’m having a bad hair day. If you’ve ever had a bad hair day, or are having one right this moment, I want you to turn to your neighbour right now and tell them, “It’s gonna be okay, God loves you.” It’s true; God so loved black women that He gave them headwraps!

Lol – all jokes aside though… did you ever show up to your hairdresser’s looking like

c9e… so you asked for this


and left looking like

James Brown ???

The joke was on me many times with this look my friends. And I wish I knew then what I know now because I would’ve just popped a headwrap around that mess and called it a day. Headwraps have since been a life-saver for me, and, when done the right way, can give you a certain confidence that’ll change your step. I’m quickly going to show you my top 4 go-to’s when it comes to headwraps, and, since this is not a YouTube video where I can detail all of the steps, comment down below if there is any particular one you would like to see a more in-depth tutorial on. Otherwise, enjoy!

1. The 90’s Chic



This 90’s vibe, up-do look is cute and works great with an old twist-out or some curly hair extensions popping out at the top.

2. The Braided Crown


This wrap is quick and easy, and works best when you have a flatter hairstyle underneath, (e.g. cornrows) to avoid bulkiness in the back.

3. The Cinnamon Bun 



Does this remind you more of a unicorn or a cinnamon bun? It does both for me and I don’t mind cos they’re both cute!

4. The Nubian Queen


A fave. I always feel like a queen with this crown sitting on top of my head – chisa! (Insert fire emoji).

As you can see, I mostly use regular scarfs to wrap my hair. Which of the four is your favourite? What are some of your go-to’s? Leave a comment below and see you next Friday for another post! If you don’t already, follow me on Instagram @sasha_nauleen.


4 Replies to “My Top 4 Head Wrap Styles”

  1. I love headwear I need to learn more how to. You make it sound so easy thanx for sharing and keep doing wat u doing. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
    gud job


    1. Thank you! I appreciate the feedback, it really is easy once you pick some simple styles and practice with those. You get more creative as you keep wearing them really πŸ™‚


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