Introducing: Pretty Pinky Nail Design

Hello! I’m Ferzana. I’m 27yrs old, born in Zimbabwe and residing in Toronto, Canada. I am a Mental Health nurse and I also own Pretty Pinky Nail Design (PPND.) Through PPND I provide nail services out of my home. I offer natural nail manicures, acrylic extensions, builder gel and gel polish options in a relaxing, fun, and clean one-on-one environment. We want our clients to feel at home so we offer beverages, snacks, Wi-Fi, underground parking with camera security, AND, I will even make my husband go to Tim Hortons if need be at NO extra cost lol.

I started PPND in October 2019 as a result of being fed up from being called AMANDA repeatedly. I had been going to this salon for two years and like clockwork I would book appointments on a monthly basis, even twice a month sometimes. I had two “go-to” nail techs at this salon, as they were the only two that could do the designs I wanted. One of them (who was my favourite) went on maternity leave and so I was left with only one option. For months my nail tech would call me by the wrong name, providing services and designs I didn’t want. I mean, I get that my name isn’t too common but come on… I even gave the lady the shorter form to make it easier:“Zana.”

So I did what any other rational individual would in this situation. I found someone better! But then… They were so good that they were always fully booked, sometimes double booking my appointment slot. It got so bad that even appointments in advance weren’t cutting it due to availability. So, I invested in nail tech tools and supplies and decided to learn how to do nails myself, completing my nail tech certification shortly after. 

It’s been a great and challenging learning process. First of all, the only thing I can actually draw is a chicken, and NOT on nails. I was never artsy but I discovered something I fell in love with that brought a side of myself I was unaware of. Not being able to draw was the least of my worries. The growing pains have been most challenging. Accepting my imperfections and knowing that they will only improve with practice was a greater challenge. I found my self comparing my work to artists in the industry who do this daily and who have been practicing for many years. Although it’s motivational, it’s important to balance that perception as it can be discouraging. 

Being relatively new in the industry, building a client base has also been quite challenging. It is a slow and steady climb but one of my greatest accomplishments has been the natural growth I’ve seen on my social platforms. This growth has come from the effort I’ve put forth into learning about online advertising, understanding my market, and keeping up with industry trends. As gratifying as this has been, managing my career as a mental health nurse while starting my nail business has been incredibly motivational to others and keeps me wanting to accomplish more and more.

As I move forward with PPND, I will be releasing a line of press-on nails available on my website with world-wide shipping. Having access to literally all the markets in the world, I will be able to grow my company’s brand globally. At some point I would like to offer the youth in Zimbabwe brand ambassador positions to help with the job crisis and career growth. Ultimately, PPND’s future goal is to bring a homely environment to the salon setting and expand our beauty services at affordable prices in a welcoming, up-beat environment. 

You can find us on the following social media platforms:

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Website –

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