Pleats and Thank You!

Happy Friday lovelies!

I’m so excited to bring you a style post today. I’ve been wanting to do a couple of style posts lately but they definitely take more time and investment compared to all the other blogs I write. I had so much fun putting this together with my amazing photographer friend Ashli, and when she told me about this cute Japanese-inspired cafe called Taiyaki 52, I knew I had to check it out. I honestly loved the warmth and atmosphere of the cafe, and the servers were also super nice and accommodating!

Without further ado, the pleated skirt I’m featuring today is from Casa Donna, and I actually bought it off of someone from a buy and sell exchange! What I love most about it is the feel of the material and the versatility it offers. Because it’s so thick and woolen, the skirt is great for both the fall and winter, especially when paired with a pair of black tights. The pleated style also gives it a flowy, stylish look that can blend into all other seasons (AKA summer) without much effort required. I really hope you enjoy this post! Let me know in the comments which look is your favourite.

Look #1: Cosy Chic

Off-the-shoulder tops are literally my go-to in every season. This pink fuzzy one from Active USA clothing literally feels like a huge hug and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE everything about it! It complimented the skirt by giving it a warm but chic appearance – my personal preference for winter dressing.

Look #2: Fun business casual

Needless to say, polka dots are definitely always trendy and I took advantage of the skirt’s black and white design by pairing it with a checkered blazer to dress it up into a more office-appropriate look. It’s no secret that one of my favourite colours is mustard yellow, so I turned it all the way up with these close-toed, mustard heels from Call it Spring! This is something I would wear in the fall and summer months since it is so playful.

Look #3: Business Formal

This collarless black blazer brings it down a notch but still ties the outfit together perfectly by not stealing all the attention. What I love most about it are the leopard-print details around the arms, which, along with the buttons on the breast, subtly give the blazer a lot of personality.

As always, thanks for reading loves; any comments and feedback are always welcome! Don’t forget to follow my IG (@african_sunflower) and catch up with my latest post here. Have a great weekend!

(Photos courtesy of Ashli Pratt)

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