Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Him & Her

Welcome back to my blog 🙂 If you’re reading this, YOU LOYAL *DJ Khaled voice*. Anyway, it’s that time of the year again! Love or hate it, love is in the air this season. I always use the Dollar store as my personal calendar and reminder for what time of year we’re in – as soon as Christmas is over the shelves are decked with bright red heart-shaped objects that make the entire shop look like Cupid got lovesick and threw up all over it.

I myself have a love-hate relationship with V-day; firstly because I feel like it helps fuel an already consumerist society and almost places a dollar value on love (depending on how seriously one takes it), and secondly, because if I actually show true love to my partner and vice-versa, that love should be demonstrated on all days of the year and not just on one day in February. I personally find random gifts and spontaneous flowers far more meaningful than the obligatory Valentine’s day roses.

This year, however, I’m kind of in the mood to join ’em and bring it back so I thought I’d share some fun, thoughtful gift ideas for you and your loved one(s). Bear in mind, these gift ideas can be extended to your friends too, so don’t be shy to steal one or two and surprise a homie :).

For him

Custom treat basket

If your man loves candy and snacks, this is an awesome gift idea. Gift baskets are pretty simple to put together on your own, with a little help from the Dollar Store. You can throw in a good mix of healthy snacks like dried fruit, mixed nuts, and un-popped popcorn, along with your man’s favourite types of candy. The best thing about gift baskets is that you can totally control what goes in them. If you’re feeling inspired, go ahead and add a cheeky couples’ cards game or a bottle of wine in there to make it that much more exciting. If you’re not so creative or you’re running short of time to put one together yourself, companies like Bloomex in Canada do a great job of assembling beautiful baskets for a reasonable price, but you’ll still need to be organised and get your order in early to avoid delivery delays!

Baked goods

Baking unfortunately isn’t my strength, but of course there are always ways around this! Instant mixes, online recipes, helpful friends – all come in clutch when you’re not much of a pro. A nice set of cupcakes or brownies make for a really sweet gift that will mean even more to your partner if they know you took time out of your day to bake them especially for him. If cupcakes and cakes in general aren’t quite his favourite, leave that man in 2019 sis. JK, LOL, you can improvise and make your version of one of the desserts he loves instead. You could add a nice personal touch by icing the desert with some cute words or an inside joke. Whatever it is, have fun with it and remember that it’s the thought that counts!

Classic Accessories

Valentine’s day gifts for men don’t have to be so complicated. A classy watch, an elegant tie or set of cufflinks are handsome additions to a working man’s wardrobe. Smaller items like socks also count, and although this may seem insignificant, trust me, they make a big difference and your man will appreciate the effort! (Unless he’s Zimbabwean – in that case, avoid socks altogether before you get put on blast haha).

Perhaps he needs a new laptop bag… add in a hunky cologne and it’s a win win for both of you – well, mainly for you because you get to decide what delicious scent he’ll wear for the next couple of months lol. If you’re stumped and not quite sure what exactly tickles his fancy, a gift card will solve that dilemma easily. Virtually every store nowadays offers gift cards, and stores like The Bay have such a wide variety of things he could pick from that you can’t go wrong with this one!

Hobby inspiration

Forget about the meaningless and generic gifts which popular culture associates with V-day – why not actually show that you care for your person by getting them something that supports their hobbies and interests? If he likes to read, get him a well-reviewed book you think he’d be interested in. If journaling is more of his thing, order a personalised journal or wallet for him off of Etsy. If he enjoys mixing fancy drinks for friends and guests, you can order him a bartender kit on Amazon for under $50. Or get him some sports/ workout gear if he loves to go to the gym! These are just a few of the things you can think about when considering what to get your lover, and big trust when I say it’s gonna put more of a smile on his face than you calling yourself the present….. yikes.

For her

Scented candles with a twist

Charmed Aroma is a Canadian store that’s quickly transforming the scented candle experience. What could be more exciting than burning a flavoured candle to find a piece of jewelry in the bottom? The jewelry (you can pick anything from necklaces to rings in various sizes) supposedly ranges in value from $10-$5,000, so it really depends on your luck what charm you will end up with! Either way, the gamble is pretty well worth it for a retail price of $25. A bunch of roses or bottle of perfume will tie this gift together quite perfectly, wink wink.

Lingerie/Pyjama set

Personally, pyjamas are one of my favourite gifts to receive. I LOVE being cosy, so any additions to my closet that help me feel comfy and huggable genuinely warm my heart. A cute onesie or fuzzy bed slippers make a great V-day gift for most, especially because in Canada, January and February are peak snow-storm months. Throw in some Lindt chocolates or flavoured hot chocolate packs and your girl is going to be beaming. As for lingerie… yes, yes, and yes again! Don’t be shy to do some research into what size will fit her best; in fact, this is encouraged. La Senza always has amazing one-piece and two-piece sets that are really affordable, and their staff will gladly assist you in finding something appealing for your better half. Need I mention that this is a win win?

A sentimental reminder

Gifts that can be treasured for years are the best. If you’re feeling creative, a handwritten letter, and or some developed photos of your favourite moments together assembled in a little journal will surely win her heart. Walmart’s Photo Centre is perfect for this kind of craftiness. All you will need are your favourite relationship pictures, and you can pretty much create your own personalised mugs, calendars, photo books, blankets, ANYTHING!! with you and bae all over it. Isn’t that adorable! Alternatively, you could also purchase some matching tees with cute or funny quotes on them. If you’re in Zimbabwe, you can get these and other cute, quality customised items from Fast Track Media at a great price. If you aren’t based in Zim, Amazon is your friend. Basically, you have zero excuse for not being cute this Valentine’s day, Mr.

Crowd cheers.

Hobby Inspiration

This is your chance to show her you’ve been paying attention (the hope is that you actually have ofc). If your woman is really into makeup, or loves taking photos and doesn’t miss the opportunity to snap a selfie – support this!! Sephora can be an intimidating store to walk into with no guidance, so ask her if she’s been eyeing any new palletes or whether she’s missing some key makeup items in her makeup bag. We’re usually pretty specific about what we want in that department, so this is an easy option for you.

You can also order really cool instant cameras online or second-hand, to give your girl a fun polaroid experience to capture her favourite memories on the go. If her hobbies include working out or being artistic… I’m sure you get the point. Trust me, buying her something that shows how much you really care and support her interests is going to mean so much more than you buying her a giant teddy and roses (still cute), especially if the two of you have been dating for a while.

I hope you found this gift guide useful ladies & gents. Please let me know if you went with any of my suggestions, and also if you have any creative ideas that have been a hit in the past. As always, thanks for reading loves; any comments and feedback are always welcome! Don’t forget to follow my IG (@african_sunflower) and catch up with my latest post here. Happy Valentine’s day from me & mine!


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