Life Update: Graduating, moving, starting a new job!

And that, my friends, pretty much sums up where I’ve been for the past four months lol… in addition to a serious lack of inspiration to create šŸ˜¦ . The fact that I was blogging consistently in uni during midterms, exams, and job hunting honestly proves to me that I work really well under pressure; and that when I have too much time on my hands I’m at my most unproductive.

Nevertheless, I do forgive myself (and hope you will too) for my mini blogging hiatus, and choose to be kind to myself given all of the changes I’ve faced in the last couple months.

Y’all. Adulting ISN’T FUN. I think back to all the times I wanted to be grown and to have a job and not live under my parents’ roof… and I want to slap myself. What a fallacy!

In May of this year, I graduated with a distinction in my BBA Accounting degree. It was definitely one of my proudest moments, being the first in my family to graduate from university. My mum flew in all the way from Zimbabwe and walked into the graduation hall minutes before I walked across the stage. Talk about miracles and teary moments.

And that’s when real life started. Sure, I had managed to rack up some savings from working two part-time jobs during school, but NOTHING could have prepared me for how many hits my bank account was going to take once I stepped out into the real world. Between paying down a deposit for an apartment lease, making ends meet during the summer, post-graduation expenses, and paying through my nose to have status to remain in Canada…. I almost threw in the towel. For real. One day I will talk about the harshness of being an international student in a foreign country that’s so far away from your family.

Graduating was a true wake up call for me. There were so many times I felt really confident and hopeful for the future, but those times were very equally balanced out with doubts and a never-ending feeling of being completely lost. Admittedly, my path hasn’t quite been as difficult as others’ have been, but comparison is the theft of joy, and everyone’s experience is always going to be different.

Fortunately for me, I secured a job at a Big Four accounting firm in the first semester of my fourth year. I remember being so stressed out by the whole networking and job application process, jumping through hoops for multiple companies only to encounter several rejections and un-replied emails. The good thing about accounting firms is how early in the school year they start their hiring processes. The bad thing about accounting firms is also how early in the school year they start their hiring processes :/.

Imagine being two weeks into your fourth year and already bearing the weight of that final year pressure, but having to dig deep somewhere to find a smile and a firm handshake to meet and leave a good impression on hiring managers. Imagine long nights of tweaking your resume and cover letter to meet 100 job descriptions and then staying up even longer to meet assignment deadlines. The struggle was severely real. But thankfully, it was all worth it in the end. God willing, I’ll be completing my CPA (Chartered Professional Accounting) designation within two years…. and it’s going to be two years of a lot of hard work and sacrifice.

On that note, I apologise in advance for any future blogging hiatuses lol. I really do want to be intentional about taking the time to do things that are important to me (like travelling, blogging, and keeping close relationships with people) regardless of how swamped I am at work. It won’t always be possible but I will at least try.

Travel was absolutely one of my goals for the summer – but as I mentioned earlier, that visa life can be a true buzz kill and I had to put my travel plans on hold. On the upside, I did spend the summer in a city 45 minutes outside of Toronto (Hamilton), which was an exciting change of pace from where I did my degree in rural Nova Scotia. My summer highlights definitely included celebrating my birthday, taking a girls’ trip to Montreal, getting literally no sleep on Caribanna weekend, and making really amazing friendships in Hamilton.

Fast forward a little – I moved back to NS in time to start my new job at the beginning of October. My subtle control freak tendencies had me securing an apartment and a roommate right after graduation, even though I wasn’t going to be living in the province for four months. I literally signed my lease a day after grad, and left for Ontario shortly after. Needless to say, I had no regrets about being overly prepared in this regard, especially with how vicious rental markets are these days!

So far, my life consists of going to work and coming back home to prep for the next workday. I’m still just getting into a solid routine for myself to make sure I’m well organised everyday and it seems to be going pretty great #AdultLife. As for my blogging, I’m trying a little something new by exploring some video interactions on IGTV. Some people have suggested that I start a YouTube channel multiple times, but I’ve found that YT just isn’t really my thing.

These video series, I’m sure, will be a good substitute for that. You’ll want to follow my blog page “african_sunflower” on Instagram to catch all the story times, life hacks, and little chats I have planned on “Share it with Sash”, so hurry on up and click that follow button! It’s a lot of story times that have been waiting to be told y’all… They will all definitely be worth your while.

And that’s all as far as my life update! I know I didn’t show my blog enough love this summer but please do continue to show it some love too. To you reading, I appreciate you <3.


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