My Post-Bleaching Hair Care Regimen

Hello beautiful naturalists!

It’s been exactly three months since I bleached my hair – how time flies! While my new colour took some getting used to at the beginning, I’ve been falling in love with it more and more everyday. I find that the colour really helps to bring out my hair texture a lot more, especially when I do twist outs. 

One of the things I was really afraid of during the bleaching process was maintaining my hair, post-bleaching. I take great care of my hair regularly anyway, but it was definitely going to need a lot more TLC after the process and this is something I was completely aware of going into it. Would I have the time to care for it with all of my responsibilities in my last semester of uni? Would I be able to keep up a routine without abandoning my hair underneath protective styles? These were some of the questions I was asking myself at that point, but so far, the simple regimen I’ve used has been working well to keep my hair moisturized and happy. 

I decided to keep my hair out and not underneath a protective style for the first few weeks so that I could treat it appropriately instead of just braiding it and forgetting about it. I’ve been washing it bi-weekly, using mainly apple-cider vinegar as a clarifier for my scalp and as a replacement for shampoo. I only use shampoo about once a month, to protect my hair from being stripped of its natural oils by the shampoo. Additionally, I incorporate the Aztec Indian Healing Clay mask in my hair routine once a month and Y’ALL! This mask deserves a blog post of its own!

Did I mention it doubles up as a face mask? 🙂

As usual, I follow each wash with a couple of hours of deep-conditioning. This time, I decided to try a Hair Mayonnaise from Mazuri Organics for my DC. I simply mixed a good amount of the mayonnaise in a bowl with a teaspoon of honey and my favourite essential oils, tea-tree and peppermint. I like to heat up the mixture in the microwave for about 45 seconds before applying so that it really penetrates the hair follicles easily and effectively. 

I always section my hair into four big parts and apply the mixture to each section very carefully. I finish by doing some chunky twists in the hair, which gets the product to spread nicely throughout the length of my hair. This process is what takes the longest time in my wash day. I then use cling wrap to wrap my head up, before covering it with a shower cap and a large towel to generate extra heat.

I’ve been trying to keep track of the amount of fall-out from each wash (I’ve had three wash days so far) and I think the levels are acceptable! However, as you can see, the fallout from my first wash was less than the fallout from the second wash (Lord knows why), so I may choose to incorporate a green tea rinse into my next washday, to lessen the fallout.

Washday 1
Washday 2

You can keep your DC in for as long as you like, but I normally do a minimum of three to four hours. After I’ve washed the conditioner out, I moisturize using the LCO method (Leave-in, Cream, Oil). For the most part, my hair will retain its moisture for about one week, and then I have to spritz it daily with water and some essential oil. This has been an interesting time for me because I’ve had to challenge myself to come up with short-term protective styles that don’t involve hair extensions, which has been tough as crochet hairstyles and braids are my easy go-tos. 

As such, simple cornrows, flat-twists, and head-wraps have really come in handy. After six weeks of leaving my hair out, I finally decided to braid my hair because I was going on vacation, so this hairstyle should last for at least three to four weeks. I think it came out pretty cute considering this is my first time DIYing this style, but I did struggle to conceal the ginger tones of my hair underneath the black braids!! Any suggestions for this are very welcome lol. I may just buy braids that match my hair colour a little more closely next time. 

In summary, this is what I have been doing:

  • Washing the hair bi-weekly, once with ACV, and the second week with shampoo
  • Bi-weekly deep-condition (never skip this!!)
  • Bi-weekly moisturizing using LCO method
  • Monthly hair mask
  • Simple protective styles with my own hair
  • Occassional spritz with water to refresh

My goal is to continue being diligent with my hair, and hopefully it will reward me by giving back the love that I give to it. I’m excited to stretch it soon and measure its length, and I’ll document the results in my next blog! So that’s pretty much all that I’ve been doing with my hair since the bleaching process. It’s a simple regimen but it seems to be working well. I hope this was a little helpful for all my naturals that have bleached or dyed their hair, or are perhaps still considering it. What is your haircare regimen? How do you treat your coloured hair?


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