Glam Girl Magnetic Eyelashes Review

Happy Friday Beauties!

Today’s blog is going to be a review on an exciting new product I came across on Instagram and decided to take a chance with! While I never really used to wear false eyelashes until only a few years ago, I have really gotten into them and love the way they complete the look when I decide to beat my face. My favourite eyelashes so far have been the Kiss Wispy lashes which I always purchase from Walmart; I find that they give me that a-little-bit-extra-but-natural feel which is, for me, a good balance.

However, if you wear eyelashes often, you will know how time-consuming it can be to get them tacky enough and lay them down just at the right angle so it isn’t too obvious that they are falsies. In this process, it’s also so easy to mess up your eyeshadow or, worse, to have glue residue left on your eyelid when you remove them, that is often difficult to take off the next day. So, as you can imagine, I was very excited to read about these magnetic eyelashes that were on the market and to see exactly how this glueless phenomenon worked.

The company I purchased my first pair from is called Glam Girl, and it’s a New York-based brand which “strive(s) to provide a community for women who are excited about life and ready to ignite the youth within”. Their instagram navigation was quite simple, as it only involved a simple click on a link that lead me to the Glam Girl website where I was able to search for the product I was looking for. However, when I got to the website it was a little more frustrating to find the purchase option because there were so many pop-ups and advertisements of the other products which the company was trying to get me to buy! This might have just been as a result of using the instagram link provided rather than directly going onto the website, though.

The lashes I got were the Celine Love Lash Full Width Magnetic Eyelashes, and they came in a clear case with a sparkling silver base: beautiful!


When I purchased these lashes, they were on sale for just over USD $16 ($21 CAD), and they took about 3-4 weeks to arrive. I was so excited to try them on that I didn’t even watch any YouTube tutorials on how to apply them, but they were still surprisingly easy to put on! The packaging came with two sets of eyelash strips per eye, and each strip has three tiny magnets attached to it that will essentially stick to the corresponding three on the other lash band.

After a few attempts, I found what I think is the easiest method of applying them. I firstly put a little bit of mascara onto my real lashes because I figured this would help with holding the false lashes when I applied them. I used a tweezer to hold the top lash and make it sit in place on my upper lash line, while I simultaneously held up the bottom lash and tried to get it to clip onto the other from underneath, in the right place. I would advise you to have the second eyelash band ready in the other hand, and try not to blink because blinking/looking down makes the lashes slide off and you will definitely be stuck in front of the mirror for hours!


The results are really natural and pretty, and I felt it was a bit less easy to tell that I had false lashes on because they blended very easily with my own and simply added a little volume and length to my natural lashes. I also didn’t find it necessary to cut the length of these eyelashes as I normally would with my regular ones, so that was equally a plus. Overall, I was really happy with these lashes! They seem durable and can be worn everyday without coming across as too dramatic. Because glue is not necessary, they slide off easily when taking them off and will likely last longer than my regular lashes because I won’t have to clean them and pick the glue off of them.

The only downside to these lashes is that they all come in pretty much the same length and width, and there’s not as much variety to choose from in terms of style, volume, and drama. Oh, and they also don’t do so well in windy conditions as I fatally discovered one very windy night LOL. I found myself holding the lashes in my hand on my way to an event because they had blown off!

So if it’s stormy/windy, you might want to stick with your regular glue-on lashes for that day hahaha. Magnetic lashes can be purchased pretty much anywhere now, and Amazon sells them for about $12.99 which is quite cheap if you would like to try them out yourself! I’ve included a link to a tutorial which you might find helpful if you’re trying them on for the first time. I hope you enjoyed this review and found it useful; let me know in the comments if you decide to purchase a pair or already have some and want to share your own experience!

Cheers xx

*This review was not sponsored and I purchased my own product for the review.

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