My Night-Time Skin Care Routine

Happy Friday Beauties!

I’ve been getting a lot of questions and compliments lately about my skin and how I manage to keep it glowing and smooth. This is a HUGE deal for me because throughout high school, I was never the poster girl for great skin. I didn’t really have horrible acne or anything, but I did have a lot of black heads which then turned into dark spots that never seemed to go away.

My skin is still not 100% clear yet, and I’m still on the journey to figuring out exactly what it responds well to and what it does not like, but I’ll share with you a simple regimen and a few tips that have been working for me lately. It would be crazy to ignore factors such as genetic makeup and skin type when referring to skin care though, so let me make this DISCLAIMER: what may work for me may not work the same way for you or the next person, so don’t expect to get exactly the same results by following the steps in my routine!

I have normal to oily skin, and my oil build-up usually occurs in my T-zone (forehead and nose). Because of the oiliness of my skin, I tend to struggle finding products that will moisturise it, but simultaneously give me a matte, smooth feel. A big part of my skincare therefore, involves drinking lots of water. We’ve heard it a thousand times over, I know, but this is not a myth! Ever since I started drinking at least 2L of water a day and stopped consuming as much alcohol, my skin has started to glow a lot more.

My skin care routine is mainly carried out in the evenings – just before bed – and consists of 3 very simple steps. I start by rubbing the edge of my spin brush into some African Black soap, and use the medium setting to run the brush over all major areas of my face, excluding my eyes. I started using African Black soap religiously two years ago, mainly because of the many benefits I heard that it contained and also because of its plant-based, natural properties.

black soap
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My spin brush was literally inexpensive (I bought it online from Amazon) and is perfect for everyday use (very portable too so I take it everywhere). What I love about the spin brush is, not only is it specifically dedicated to cleaning my face alone (which ensures that I’m not transferring any dirt or germs from other areas onto my face); it’s also super effective for removing my makeup and all of the dust and dirt that gathers up on the skin throughout the day. The circular motion of the brush makes sure that the pores of my skin are well-cleansed and exfoliated.


To remove my eye makeup (I mostly just wear mascara and occasionally, eyeliner), I dampen a small cotton ball with Garnier Miscellar water, which does the job perfectly! When I’m done, I rub a very small amount of coconut oil in my palm and apply it all over my face. This last step helps to restore the moisture lost from using the Black soap, which can be very drying and stripping. Occasionally, I use pure Rosewater as a toner after I have applied my coconut oil, but I only do this when my skin feels like it needs some extra TLC. And that’s it!

 Then            vs                                Now

I find that this simple routine works much more effectively for me than when I used to plug my skin with different expensive products every week. Idk about you but I love inexpensive, natural methods for skin and hair care, can I get an Amen? Also, consistency is key! Keeping up the same nightly routine continuously was part of the great results I’ve observed in the past couple of months. 

What’s your skincare regimen like? Share it with me in the comments please, I’d love to hear what some of your tips and tricks for smoother skin are, or what struggles you’ve faced with skincare. I will also be blogging a little less frequently (most likely bi-weekly) now that uni is starting again in a week! Catch up with you soon folks.


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