How To Get The Perfect Sleeked High Puff

Happy Friday Beauties!

So one of the reasons why I really wanted to go natural (and don’t judge me for this) was because I would constantly see all these gorgeous naturalistas pulling off this particular hairstyle with their afros, known as the “puff”. The puff is a simple style which can be done on hair of generally any length, but, in my opinion, looks better and better the longer your hair gets. With more length, you can create a higher puff (a “pineapple”) and this is my end goal!

Getting the perfect high puff can be a little more tricky than most people allude to: if you use the wrong accessories, they may pull on your hair and cause damage to your hairline; if you make it too tight, side effects might include headaches and being rude to your workmates (speaking from experience lol). I have attempted many puffs in my day but I think I’ve finally gotten the perfect technique to a sleek high puff, and I’m going to show you how!

I started out on an old twistout. In my opinion, this is the best starting point because you want your puff to have some definition at the top (another reason why I love high puffs, they fill in that gap between your last wash and your next one, when your twist out is no longer fresh). Because my hair was unstretched, my puff could not go as high as I would have wanted, but this was a worthy sacrifice for a defined puff! I then brushed the hair around the crown of my head upwards, and wet it slightly with a little water on my hands.

Rather than using an elastic band or scrunchie to tie the high puff, I used the leg of an old pair of stockings I had lying around. This ensured that I wouldn’t be putting too much tension on my edges or scalp because elastic products tend to tug too tightly at the hair and cause breakage. I basically gauged how tight I wanted the puff to be by tying the stocking around the edge of my head, and sliding it up slowly, making sure to tuck all of the hair in and adjust the tightness of the knot as I moved the stocking further back to where I wanted it. Lastly, I used my Afro comb to fluff out the hair and make it appear fuller at the top.

After this, I used Schwarzkopf’s Got2B Ultra-Glued gel to hold my hair in place. This gel is the one y’all!! Haaaayi. I’ve since thrown out my EcoStyler gel and my edge control, because this gel surely smooths my hair in place and holds it in style for at least 3 days!


After applying the gel, I used a silk scarf to properly lay my edges as I put on my makeup and got ready for the day.


Here are the results – TA-DA. I absolutely loved my high puff and wore it this way for the entire working week. It felt just right: not too tight but still able to show the volume and thickness of my old twist-out.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, and feel free to comment any techniques or specific products you use when creating your puff! My next plan is to attempt a side puff on stretched hair, so stay tuned! Make sure to follow my blog for email updates whenever I post a new article, and be sure to catch up with last week’s post here. Cheers!


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