Simple Up-Do Twist Out On 4c Natural Hair

Happy Friday lovelies 🙂

I come bearing gifts – a beautiful twist out style that is quick and versatile! I had this style in my hair a month ago and decided to do a blog post about it because I really loved the definition it gave my hair. If you’re looking for a simple hairstyle to keep your hair protected but also neat, keep reading 🙂

So at the time I got this twist out done, I had kept my fro out for about 3 weeks and geez, was your girl tired of the maintenance work! Usually, I do my hair and all protective styling myself because I quickly learned that getting your hair done is super expensive in this part of the world, and having my hair braided for $12 just wasn’t going to be a thing any more (Zimbabwe I miss you!). This time though, I got a friend of mine to twist it for me as I am still learning to perfect my own twisting technique. To see the heatless method I use to stretch my hair before styling, click here.


We started out on freshly co-washed hair (I washed with just conditioner, no shampoo), and the twisting took about an hour and a half, partly because we would stop and marvel at how bomb the curls were going to be in a few days LOL. We used Dark & Lovely’s Plaiting Pudding Cream, Eco Styler Gel (yes, I heard all the cancer rumors but girrll you can get cancer from just about everything these days lol) and some Moroccan oil to achieve this twist out.

As you can see, the sides and back of the hair are all flat-twisted around my head to form a sort of crown at the top. We pinned down the tails of the flat twists so they wouldn’t stick out, and finished with some single twists at the top of my head. What I loved most about this hairstyle was the versatility! I was able to wear the twists exactly as they were for about one week, before I switched it up by unravelling the twists at the top for a new style. This has to be the best definition I’ve seen in my hair before!! I literally did a dance guys.


After my second week of wearing my semi- mo-hawk puff in this way, I untwisted the hair around the parameter of my head and still had good enough definition to wear it all out in an Afro. Amazing. I could have kept the twists in for longer if I wasn’t greedy to see how the curls would turn out LOL, but this is certainly a hairdo that I would recommend to anyone, especially if you are taking a break from other braiding/weaving protective styles. I thought personally that it also had a professional feel to it, so perhaps this is something you could attempt if you are looking for work-appropriate hairstyles to do with your own hair.

That’s it from me naturalistas! What are some of your natural hair go-tos? Let me know in the comments. And shout-out to Sonia for the bomb twist out, Issa look!!


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