Travel Tag – Montreal Adventures: Things to Do, Places To Visit (All Under $20)

Hello there readers!

So I recently visited the city of Montreal for the second time since reading week (spring break) in February. It’s safe to say that I am absolutely in love with the culture and ambiance of this city, and cannot stop going back! Montreal is one of North America’s most cosmopolitan, dynamic and multicultural cities. It combines all the amenities of a large modern city with a rich history and diverse landscape, and provides a host of exciting cultural opportunities to explore. Did I mention that I LOVE Montreal graffiti too? During my first visit in February, temperatures were low and there was lots of snow on the ground. My focus therefore, was on trying a variety of the exquisite food which the city offered, as well as exploring one of the many museums housed by Montreal.

On my second visit just last week, spirits were visibly higher and the city seemed even more vibrant with the sun out, the tulips blossoming, and the citizens getting out and being active. This is one of the many things I absolutely love about Montreal! There is so much to do outdoors, and it was a common sight to see people jogging, biking, and canoeing within each 200 metre distance travelled.

Additionally, the summer is packed with multiple concerts and events which people can attend for free, making trips to Montreal more affordable with the added bonus of guaranteed adventure! I managed to enjoy multiple activities such as going up Mont-Royal (the mountain after which Montreal was named), visiting the Botanical gardens, biking along Lachine Canal, and zip-lining across the canal too! Believe it or not, each activity only cost $20 or less. What are some of your favourite things to do in Montreal?

First stop: Taqueria La Matraca
Restaurant L’avenue: Great breakfast menu

I have to say that my first brave attempt at duck was fantastic! To the right of the picture is a Duck leg confit, covered in cauliflower fritter, curry, cashews, and a sunnyside egg. A must-have for those daring enough. On the left is Focaccia French toast – a mixture of sweet (maple yogurt, spiced pecans) and savoury – a crispy bacon top. Yum!



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